Friday, July 19, 2013

Goodies Box Unboxing- July 2013 PLUS FREE BOX CODES!

Goodies came!! And oh my! They have clearly shifted the direction of their company! The once blue and cardboard box was GREEN and brown today!!

Goodies is a monthly subscription that sends you a variety of 'goodies' for $7 a month. They are owned by Walmart and do NOT have a referral program. They did though just start a kid's box that will ship next month for the first time- I am looking forward to it!

When I opened the box I found a card that explained that Goodies is in fact getting 'go greener'.

Once I peeled back the tissue paper, I was really impressed with the way the new box was organized and styled this month!

According to the website I got Taster's box 2 and my box included:

  • Grain Crisp Original Crackers by Crunchmaster
  • Carmel puff corn by Cosmo Creations
  • Fresh Corn and Sea Salt Chips by Sugar Foods
  • Black Raspberry Fruit Water by Coka-Cola
  • Cherry Lover's Jelly Beans by Gimbal's 

Almost everything was Gluten Free and a few items were even GMO free. The fruit water was tasty but I was not too happy that it exploded when I opened it! And to top it off it is BLACK CHERRY so my new white maternity top is stained!! 

I am interested to see what the box will be like next month since this month is so completely different than the one last month. I do think I will not keep this box though if they continue on the 'healthy' path. I know that sounds horrible but the snack boxes are more so for my husband and he didn't like anything but the caramel corn.

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*All thoughts, opinions and photos (aside for company logos which are copyrights of the company) are my own. I did not receive any form of compensation for this review. There are not any referral links or codes associated with this post.

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