Saturday, July 6, 2013

Unmentionably Cheeky Unboxing- July 2013 PLUS DISCOUNT CODE!

Days are always better when there are panties involved! Except for Friday when I got my UmCheeky for this month. I am SOOOOO disappointed!! I mean if this was my first month I might be pretty excited but it isn't and I'm not

July Unmentionably Cheeky

I could tell you how I like the purple tissue paper and discrete shipping envelopes. I could also tell you how great of quality these panties are and how much I really love that they have their own 'Unmentionably Cheeky' tags- but I did that last month and the novelty has worn off.

These panties are the exact same style as last month. They are also pretty much the same color too. Last month the purple panties were black, the blue and black panties were pink and black and the pink panties were blue. And not even different shades... the same exact ugly pink and the same exact ugly blue. 

I know they are a new company but I was hoping for much more range in color at least. There are only so many 'cheeky' styles of panties so I can be a bit forgiving on that but I am definitely disappointed. I also dislike how they don't have tracking (they do though tell you when they shipped through email).

I will give them one more month and if they fail to impress again next month I'm going to cancel and try a different panty company. I've already tried the disaster compant, PantyFly- wanna hear me go off about how much I HATE PantyFly??- and so I am running out of options as far as monthly panty subscriptions. I just hope they do better because I really want to like them like I did last month!!

Oh and guess what they had another post card!!! WHAT THE F*CK?! I seriously cannot stand the waste of paper using POST CARDS as business cards!!! Give me business cards that I can give my friends and I will do it but I refuse to mail a damn post card!! UmCheeky, Conscious Box and all of you other subscription boxes that give me post cards... STOP IT!!

Sign up for UmCheeky! Don't forget to use code "SUMMER" to get a discounted monthly price!

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